Preserving Health

Biosea Laboratory has for essential priority the respect of your health and makes a duty to offer you the utmost in security.

Also, we are constantly analyzing the published scientific data on cosmetic ingredients and we systematically exclude any ingredient suspect for health even before the regulation imposes it.

Thus, for example from the beginning we exclude nanoparticles, silicones which are polluants, paraben and PEG which are endocrine disruptors.

Endocrine disruptor:

It is a molecule capable of interacting with the human body hormonal system. For example, parabens can behave like estrogen, because they have a similar shape. With this similar shape, parabens can bind to receptors in our cells and mimic an hormonal response.

To go further in this process, the Association ‘1% for Health’ was created by Céline Langlais, doctor of pharmacy.

The concern to produce, consume and use products really healthy for health is at the origin of Association ‘1% for Health’. In recent decades, the significant increase in cancers, allergies, new diseases alerted many scientists and consumers.

This is why we must act so that scientists can study in greater transparency, independence, origins of these diseases and allow manufacturers to produce well and all consumers to consume good products for their health.

*1% for health is a non-profit association, of general interest.